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Leading the future of manufacturing partnership

At our cutting-edge facility, we redefine EMS manufacturing by merging innovation and sustainability, crafting efficient solutions with next-gen tech and forward-thinking manufacturing services.

01. Innovative electronics manufacturing

Your trusted EMS manufacturer

We are your trusted EMS manufacturing partner, embodying Finnish excellence in innovation and quality. Our state-of-the-art facility champions sustainability, utilizing sustainable practices for every product. Committed to pushinug boundaries, we merge innovative technologies with our drive to create even greater products, ensuring top-tier EMS solutions. Your confidence in our services drives our continuous commitment to innovative EMS manufacturing, delivering sustainable EMS solutions that exceeds expectations, every step of the way.

02. Services

Services we offer


EMS manufacturing

Precision-engineered EMS solutions for seamless, efficient manufacturing that exceeds industry standards.

Electric vehicle charging

Products for e-mobility

Cutting-edge e-mobility solutions for efficient, reliable, user-friendly and seamless electric vehicle charging.

Energy storage

Energy storage solutions

Clever energy storage solutions, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and sustainable power for every need.

Energy-efficient lighting

Energy-efficient lighting

We manufacture energy-saving lighting solutions, optimizing brightness while minimizing environmental impact.

03. Industries

Industries we work for

Robot arm
Electric car charging

EMS Solutions for the Greentech industry

We manufacture innovative EMS solutions to companies within the greentech industry, powering sustainable solutions. From renewable energy systems to energy-efficient designs, our expertise in manufacturing aligns seamlessly with our customers' mission for a greener world. Partner with us to drive positive environmental impact through precision and innovation.

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Practices for sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability drives every facet of our manufacturing. Innovating with purpose, we integrate sustainable practices into our processes, striving to create not just products, but a more sustainable future. Sustainability is at the core of our innovation-driven ethos.

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Energy efficiency

We use renewable energy sources and adopt energy-efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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We invest in research and development to continuously improve sustainability practices and develop eco-friendly products.

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We collaborate with suppliers, customers and other partners to ensure they uphold sustainability standards, promoting responsible sourcing.

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Sustainable Factory for EMS solutions

We embody innovation and sustainable principles, shaping superior EMS solutions. Committed to empowering leading enterprises, we thrive on driving progress through cutting-edge EMS technology and unwavering dedication to sustainability.