Cutting-edge EMS solutions for empowering your vision

We manufacture cutting-edge EMS solutions designed to empower your vision. With innovative technology and precision manufacturing, we offer electronic manufacturing services that elevate your products and drive success.

01. What we do

Innovative EMS solutions for companies leading the way

At Picolux, our commitment to innovation and sustainability is ingrained in every facet, showcased through our Sustainable Factory. From early-stage technical services to serial production and beyond, we craft advanced industrial electronics with precision and flexibility, supporting customers through every product lifecycle phase. With a steadfast focus on quality and on-time delivery, we fortify value chains, driving improved profitability for our customers.

02. Our services

How we work together to create marvels

In collaborative synergy, we co-create marvels, fusing expertise with innovation. Our partnership-driven approach fosters high quality, shaping bespoke EMS solutions that exceed expectations. By working closely together with our customers, we navigate challenges and work toward our shared vision of manufacturing technological marvels that redefine industries and drive progress.

03. Industries

Industries we work in


Specializing in precision engineering and scalable solutions, we manufacture premium EMS solutions. Our skilled team offers brilliant electronic manufacturing services for streamlined production, ensuring reliability and driving industrial success.


We engineer high-performance automotive EMS solutions meeting stringent vehicle standards. With unwavering quality and efficiency, we provide the automotive industry with EMS solutions for vehicles and EV charging stations.


Embrace our tailored EMS for Greentech. As electronic manufacturing experts, we manufacture everything from charging stations to solar panels for the Greentech industry, aligning precision and quality with sustainability.


With years of expertise, we engineer energy storage systems through advanced EMS solutions for seamless power management. Our commitment to sustainability drives efficient, durable systems, meeting top industry standards.


Experience our tailored EMS solutions for lighting, guaranteeing excellent quality and reliability. From LED arrays to complex control systems, our manufacturing prowess delivers energy-efficient lighting solutions surpassing industry standards.

Driving excellence: sustainable EMS solutions

Our sustainable factory cultivates innovation, manufacturing superior EMS solutions. Committed to empowering enterprises, we thrive on cutting-edge EMS technology and an unwavering dedication to sustainability, propelling progress for leading businesses.